An organization for collectors, artists, and producers to share information about pop-up books



Membership in The Movable Book Society is open to anyone interested in pop-up and movable books. This includes pop-up book collectors and dealers, artists’ book creators, paper engineers, librarians, gallery owners and curators, editors and publishers.

4 Reasons to Join!

  1. Connect with pop-up and movable book enthusiasts like you. The Society publishes an annual list of members available to each member. You can also connect on Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Read and share the latest news on books, paper engineers, and collections. Quarterly issues of the Movable Stationery newsletter are mailed to you. And, you can submit articles or news of your own movable or pop-up book interests or exhibits.
  3. Attend the biennial conference. Celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Society in Kansas City, September 27-29, 2018. Members receive a discounted conference rate.
  4. Vote for the best in movable, pop-up and artists’ books. Every two years, members vote on the winners of the Meggendorfer Prize for the Best Paper Engineering.


Membership Form and Rates

To join or renew membership in The Movable Book Society, print out theĀ membership form and mail it – along with the annual fee – to the address on the form.

$30.00 for membership in the United States

$35.00 for membership outside of the United States

Payments can be made by check, cash, money order or bank draft. Only U.S. dollars are accepted.

Payments can also be made below through PayPal. A $2.00 service charge has been added to the membership payment.

Annual membership

For more information or to make a payment contact