The Movable Book Society was established in 1993, when Bill Clinton was president of the United States, Beanie Babies were introduced and Rutgers University librarian Ann R. Montanaro published Pop-up and Movable Books: A Bibliography. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from collectors who purchased the book convinced her that there was abundant interest in the topic to form an organization of collectors, and thus she founded The Movable Book Society.

The Movable Book Society, a nonprofit organization, provides a forum for artists, book sellers, book producers, collectors, curators, and others to share enthusiasm and exchange information about pop-up and movable books. There are nearly 450 members worldwide. All are welcomed to join.


Board of Advisors

  • Kyra E. Hicks
  • Rosston Meyer
  • Kyle Olmon
  • Denise D. Price
  • Larry Rakow
  • Ellen G. K. Rubin
  • Larry Seidman
  • Shawn Sheehy, Board Director
  • Isabel Uria